06 leather products monthly general price index closed at 110.18 points in 2012, the chain fell 0.69 points, a decrease of 0.62 percent, rose 8.15 points, or 7.99 percent.
Among them, the clothing class monthly price index closed at 111.40 points, ring than fell 0.31 points or 0.28%; clothing class monthly price index to close at 105.59 points, ring than rose 0.44 points, or 0.42 percent; luggage leather class monthly price index closing at of 103.56 points, than a drop of 4.33 points decline to 4.02%; footwear month price index closing 97.49 points, ring than fell 3.86 points, or 3.81%; raw material class monthly price index closing at 107.96 points, ring than fell 0.37 points, a decrease of 0.35%; other classes (including home life, vehicle supplies, arts nike free run 2 and crafts) price index closed at 125.54 points, ring, rose 11.29 points, or 9.89%. Classification Change ratio of 2:4:0. Compared with the previous period, the current monthly price index sustained a slight concussion
Boom the total index of 856.10 points in June 2012, and the chain rose 43.55 points, or 5.36 percent, down 131.15 points, up 13.28 percent decline, the market economy has reached the lowest point throughout the year.
The gross profit will be further narrowed. 2009-2011, Company Microfiber leather product gross margins were 34%, 32%, 29%, gross margin decreased year by year, mainly due to the gradual rise in prices of raw materials, causing the increase in production costs. In the past three years, the gross profit margin air max 2012 gradually decreased, the next three years, gross margins will continue to decline over the past three years, the raw material prices led to the decline in gross margin, the next three years, lower prices lead to the decline in gross margin, lower prices of the main reasons is Microfiber leather industry will have put a lot of new capacity, we expected a 25% Microfiber leather will be taken to cut prices to gain market share, marketing strategy, microfiber leather product gross margin will gradually close to.
January boom indices for clothing for 825.79 points and the ring than the rose 52.22 points, rose to 6.75 percent; clothing class monthly sentiment index of 1026.55 points, ring than a drop of 23.00 points, decreases to 2.19%; luggage leather class monthly sentiment index is 995.11, ring than the rose 11.18 points, or 1.14 percent, footwear http://www.sharefrees.com/nike-free-run-3-c-4.html nike free run 3 for sale monthly sentiment index 1043.73, flat compared with the previous period; other categories (household, vehicle supplies, arts and crafts) monthly sentiment index was 1017.11 points, the chain rose 124.35, or 13.93%; class economy of raw materials index was 1012.89 points, flat compared with the previous period.
Classification of the current two month price index Change ratio of 8:6. Box class, shoes, and other types of ups and downs of the current general price index contribution.