The majority of single malt whisky distilleries are located in North East Scotland, specifically in the Speyside region. Each region has its personal particular style of scotch whisky, and whisky experts can distinguish in which region of Scotland the whisky has been created in.

Whisky tasting is a well-liked activity for numerous folks. Here, visitors can discover how to determine various types of scotch whisky and function out in which location in the single malt was distilled. Visitors are encouraged to use their senses to assist them to appreciate the whisky and identify exactly where it is from. For instance:

. Sight. Whisky tasters are essential to appear at the colour of the whisky, as the colour can give clues about the age of the whisky and what variety of cask was employed for its maturation. Also, the tasters could be asked to swirl the whisky about the glass to coat the inside. They will then observe the whisky running back down the side of the glass, these are recognized as ‘legs’. If the legs are thick and slow, it could be an old or heavy whisky. Thinner, faster moving legs may possibly be from a younger or lighter whisky.

. Smell. A master distiller can determine the supply of the whisky utilizing his nose alone, although various people will undoubtedly choose up diverse aromas. Smelling the whisky is known as ‘nosing’, and must be carried out in 3 stages. Firstly, the taster should put the complete of their nose into the glass, and gently sniff. They really should then pull away, wait a couple of seconds and then have yet another sniff. For the third stage, it is suggested the taster really should bury their nose into the lip of the glass and roll the glass from 1 nostril to the other.

. Taste. Tasters ought to use diverse parts of the tongue and mouth to encounter the flavours which create. Only a really tiny amount of whisky wants to be tasted! The whisky really should be place onto the middle of the tongue, then under the tongue and then back onto the middle of the tongue. By moving the whisky around the different parts of the mouth, far more fascinating flavours ought to be revealed. The finish of the whisky can then be assessed, this is how long the whisky flavour remains in the mouth.

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