Jamal Rashid often known as MallyMall was determined to play a huge role inside the music world along with the star music and filmmaker has proved it if you take the show business by storm. Jamal has developed a great sense for music since his childhood which has been only possible with the passion and motivation he has always had towards music. He truly carries a meaningful and inventive vision for film and music which in accordance with him, he developed by utilizing his Brazilians and Egyptian heritage. His sound is really a combined urban hip-hop using a Middle Eastern and South American twist, evolving into pop and rock-and-roll attracting a lot of music lovers world wide.

Being, a north California born, MallyMall passion for music evolved from a young age and was heavily influenced by San francisco bay area legendary producers Ant Banks and Rick Rock. The increasing producer has frequently helped its set up news by building a number of unique and attracting music labels. MallyMall has earned the respect and recognition by top media executives, managers, A&R, radio personalities plus a roster of superstar artists internationally after a lot of working hard, dedication, and diligence towards game. He was always motivated and obsessed with music. Keeping in consideration his interests and career, he started up his career in neuro-scientific music.

Ant banks and Rick Rock, the legendary producers inside bay area are his role models and as reported have been influenced and motivated out there two legendary producers. He has an excellent taste for music and has earned many awards for his work and production done. The producer recently have been reported to get implementing new projects lately among which can be Edamami, an R&B trio called three different kind of voices packaged into one. His new song spend money is currently offered to buy on itunes possesses received great appreciation by everyone.

The fans have given exciting reply to the Edamamis latest video which features boasting fresh hot look with the girls absolute to set heat up and turn heads around. MallyMall has been in many videos from sometime now and possesses caused several of the biggest games in the marketplace including old school rappers for instance Snoop Dogg towards likes of Chris Brown, Drake and Usher. He and team have a diverse music range and elegance to draw the fans. Poobear Boyd, the good friend of Jamal Rashid is another known determine the production industry dealing with many famous artists including Lil Wayne creating several top hits.

In reference to his motivation and dedication towards music, MallyMall has successfully tackled the music industry and is particularly simultaneously overpowering the movie industry by storm, generating a strong control the music activity industry and proving his calibre inside the competitive entertaining record companies. To be a music and film maker, Mallymall has brought immense popularity since the time he’s passed the struggling phase.

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