Home teeth whitening articles are the alternative for those who hate going to the dentist’s office.

Before, the only choice that people have if they wanted to get their teeth whitened is to have an appointment with their dentist. Considering most of them are never too keen to visit with their dentist, they always set the appointments aside for a later date. Ergo, they simply forget about the teeth whitening appointment.

People are in several situations are too frightened to hold their appointments with their dentist. Even if they want or have to have their teeth whitened, it will constantly end up getting postponed or cancelled.

this is the reason why when home teeth whitening kits were introduced in the market, these people were all but too happy to test them for themselves. Home teeth whitening remove the fear of going right to the dentist. In addition, the method can be done on your own time. Plus, it is not as expensive as an appointment with your dentist.

It can be noted that there are still in fact those who rely on the good old home teeth whitening methods of the past. Although they seem too traditional for the people of today, the end result is still as effective as it was then.

What are some of the simple home teeth whitening solutions that are still being used by some today?

1. Bi-carbonate paste mixed with water.

Bi-carbonate soda paste can be brought at drug stores or at supermarkets. Many people still buy them to be used for whitening their teeth.

They combine the paste with water and gurgle them on a daily basis. It is believed that daily use of this mixture can remove stain from the surface of the teeth ergo, making teeth whiter and shinier.

2. Lemon juice paste and salt.

This combined solution is known to erase the yellowish tint of the teeth. Several people ceremoniously apply this combination on the teeth that seem dull.

Leaving them on the teeth for several minutes is supposed to whiten teeth due to of the acidic content of the lemon juice paste. If done often enough, the dull color of the teeth is eradicated.

3. Bay leaves with dried orange peel.

The combining of bay leaves with dried orange peel can also act as a teeth whitener. Just like the lemon paste, all you need to do is apply this to your teeth frequently.

4. Inner orange peel part.

When you peeling oranges you will see that the back part of it is white. You tend to throw it away as something that is not of use.

What you do not realize is that it can be used to helop whiten your teeth. All you need to do is rub that white part on your teeth and it will give out an alluring white shine.

The good thing about these basic home teeth whitening methods is that they do not come with the known side effects that over-the-counter products have. Plus they come in very cheap. You can try them out if you want to see if they work better than the products that you buy.

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