If your iPhone was lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair could you afford to go straight out and buy a new one? If your iPhone was lost or stolen and a huge bill was run up while it’s missing could you afford to pay the bill & replace the phone?

If the answer to these 2 questions are no, you need iPhone insurance! If you shop around and use a price comparison site you can get cheap iPhone insurance.

You can insure your iPhone which covers loss, theft, accidental damage & unauthorised calls made if it’s lost of stolen. The Apple iPhone is an expensive gadget to replace! Imagine having your phone stolen or losing it to find that someone has run up hundreds’s of pounds worth of calls on it! Basically if you haven’t got the spare money to replace the iphone and cover unauthorised calls made on your phone you need insurance cover. For a few £’s a month you’ll know your phone is covered for all eventualities.

A lot of people may think that they do not need insurance for their iPhone, but it may actually be one of the very few items that you should insure. A few years ago mobile phones were sturdy and would not usually break because of how simply and robustly they were made. People could drop them and not worry about the screen breaking, the battery case coming apart, the case getting damaged, and so on.

This may seem like it is good news but it isn’t. The newer mobile phones that are made today are made with a lot more technology and much less durability. This would mean that if you have a phone that is more recent, then it is in danger of breaking. You need to consider that with all of these new add-ons that are on your phone, the chances of it being damaged are much higher.

Mobile phone insurance is not only a good option for those with fragile phones and in the case they need repairing. You can also get insurance for mobile phones against being stolen, water damaged, theft, loss and unauthorised calls made from them if they are lost or stolen. The cost of mobile phone insurance is a fraction of what it would cost to replace the item and / or cover an expensive bill that’s been run up.

By getting your iPhone insured, you can then feel a lot safer about your phone and you will not worry about it as much. If anything should happen to your iPhone, you will know that you are insured and the problem can be solved with a simple phone call.

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